FPS Rated Layer Cake Modular BCAR - Individual Layer

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Introducing the Layer Cake Modular BCAR by Chicken! 

IMPORTANT: This listing is for a single individual layer only!

This listing is for if you are wanting a completely custom BCAR where you get to pick each and every color, angle, and crush of each and every part.

Been thinking of a specific setup? You want to have a light crush that gradually gets tighter on the dart towards the end? You want to increase the angle of the bearing along the BCAR? You can do all of that by mixing and matching custom individual layers!

Notes from the designer: Designed to be a universal BCAR, the Layer Cake Modular BCAR System is a BCAR design for full length or half-length darts. Capable of using between 1 and 10 stages depending on shroud length used. Inner stages (layers) are stacked and are interchangeable. Barrel compatibility: 5/8”, 16mm, 9/16”, and 17/32”.

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend one layer per 50 FPS. Meaning, a blaster that hits 100 would use two layers, a blaster hitting 150 FPS would get three layers, a blaster hitting 200 would get four layers, and so on. Also, for the "in between" FPS levels, you generally would round up to the next number of layers. So 130 FPS would get three layers, 170 FPS would get four, etc.

Includes bearings and pins needed to construct a single layer.

Layer Decoder:

  - 0 lines: rotation relative to previous ring (measured in degrees)
  - 1 line: crush (circles are .1 instead of 1 for crush and triangles are 1 instead of 5) (measured in millimeters)
  - 2 lines: angle (measured in degrees)

  - Square = 10
  - Triangle = 5 (1 for crush)
  - Circle= 1 (.1 for crush)

Slots (FPS guide): Slots indicate that a layer is marked by FPS instead of angle. This is because exact FPS levels often require a decimal angle that is difficult to list using symbology. Because of this, rotation and angle are both left blank for FPS marked layers.

  - 1 slot= 120 fps
  - 2 slots= 130 fps
  - 3 slots= 140 fps
  - 4 slots= 150 fps
  - 5 slots= 160 fps
  - 6 slots= 170 fps
  - 7 slots= 180 fps
  - 8 slots= 190 fps
  - 9 slots= 200 fps
  - 10 slots= 220 fps
  - 11 slots= 240 fps
  - 12 slots= 250 fps
  - 13 slots= 270 fps
  - 14 slots= 290 fps
  - 15 slots= 300 fps
  - 16 slots= 340 fps
  - 17 slots= 350 fps
  - 18 slots= 390 fps
  - 19 slots= 440 fps
  - 20 slots= 490 fps

If you are building your own custom BCAR, find the other parts here:

Layer Cake Base: https://silverfoxindustries.shop/products/layer-cake-modular-bcar-base
Layer Cake Shroud: https://silverfoxindustries.shop/products/layer-cake-modular-bcar-shroud


Please note that printed parts are printed to order in the order they are received and can be subject to a lead time.