Layer Cake Modular BCAR - Base

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Introducing the Layer Cake Modular BCAR by Chicken! 

IMPORTANT: This listing is for a single Base only!

This listing is for if you are wanting a completely custom BCAR where you get to pick each and every color of each and every part.

Notes from the designer: Designed to be a universal BCAR, the Layer Cake Modular BCAR System is a BCAR design for full length or half-length darts. Capable of using between 1 and 10 stages depending on shroud length used. Inner stages (layers) are stacked and are interchangeable. Barrel compatibility: 5/8”, 16mm, 9/16”, and 17/32”.

If you are building your own custom BCAR, find the other parts here: 

Layer Cake FPS Rated Layer:
Layer Cake Shroud:


Please note that printed parts are printed to order in the order they are received and can be subject to a lead time.