Layer Cake Modular BCAR System by Chicken

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Introducing the Layer Cake Modular BCAR by Chicken! Whether its for low end FPS for games like HvZ, or Tournament level FPS for Competitive or beyond, you can build your own BCAR to fit your needs.

Notes from the designer: Designed to be a universal BCAR, the Layer Cake Modular BCAR System is a BCAR design for full length or half-length darts. Capable of using between 1 and 10 stages depending on shroud length used. Inner stages (layers) are stacked and are interchangeable. Barrel compatibility: 5/8”, 16mm, 9/16”, and 17/32”.

Please note: The shrouds are printed in Neon Orange for safety. If you want to customize the color of the shroud or configuration of each individual layer, please use the listings for the individual parts to build out your own fully custom tuned BCAR. They can be found here:

Layer Cake Layer:
Layer Cake Base:
Layer Cake Shroud: