The current lead time for blasters is roughly 4-6 weeks from the order date. If the 3D printed blaster you would like to order is currently out of stock, please be patient as we are also revamping and updating some existing blaster listings to reflect the most current versions, and they will be back soon.
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      Anodized Fade Barrels are now a limited option! Each batch we do from now on will be different from the last!

      SPOOPY SEASON IS UPON US! Just in time for the ghastly festivities we have a special "Spoopy Fade" available. A nice deep Bronze that fades into a rich Orange. Perfect for an Autumnal themed blaster!


      ALSO NEW! Some experimental Rainbow Barrels are now available! Due to the manufacturing process, no two are alike. There may also be a few spots with either a visible seam or small imperfections. We aren't sure if we are going to have more of these made, so grab these while you can!


      The pink in the Cyan-Pink Anodized Fade Barrels can look more like a light purple in certain lighting.

      Description from Kuryaka himself: "The inner diameter of 13mm (0.510"), is more airtight than the 0.527" barrel used in the Takedown Mag kit and basic Caliburn builds without being as tight as 17/32 brass. It will only work with narrow-headed darts as a result, but results in better efficiency.

      Normal tighter inner diameter barrels will not work with Caliburn-style o-ring pushers without modification. These have a 10mm "chamber" at 13.5mm (0.53") ID on one end, which fixes that problem."

      These tighter inner diameter barrels have a machined chamber specifically for o-ring type pushers. There are also unchambered versions specifically for the Lynx by Orion Blasters, though they should also work with other blasters that have pushers that do not use o-rings. We have also now commissioned and carry a special 15cm barrel specifically for the Gecko! This barrel has no machined chamber where the dart enters, however it has the last 5cm machined out to keep the effective barrel length at 10cm, which is the most efficient length for the Gecko while allowing the end of the barrel to sit flush with the tip of the blaster. This lets the barrel show when priming, and adds a coolness factor without sacrificing performance.

      Chambered Barrels:

      10cm Chambered - SPAMF
      30cm Chambered - Talon Claw / Skewer
      30cm Chambered - (ORANGE ANODIZED)
      30cm Chambered - (RED ANODIZED)
      30cm Chambered - (CYAN-PINK ANODIZED FADE)
      30cm Chambered - EMERALD
      30cm Chambered - SPOOPY FADE Bronze-Orange
      30cm Chambered - RAINBOW
      35cm Chambered - Talon Claw / Caliburn
      35cm Chambered - (ORANGE ANODIZED)
      35cm Chambered - (RED ANODIZED)
      35cm Chambered - (CYAN-PINK ANODIZED FADE)
      35cm Chambered - EMERALD
      35cm Chambered - SPOOPY FADE Bronze-Orange
      35cm Chambered - RAINBOW
      40cm Chambered - Caliburn
      40cm Chambered - (ORANGE ANODIZED)
      40cm Chambered - (RED ANODIZED)
      40cm Chambered - (CYAN-PINK ANODIZED FADE)
      40cm Chambered - EMERALD
      40cm Chambered - SPOOPY FADE Bronze-Orange
      40cm Chambered - RAINBOW
      45cm Chambered - Caliburn
      45cm Chambered - (ORANGE ANODIZED)
      45cm Chambered - (RED ANODIZED)
      45cm Chambered - (CYAN-PINK ANODIZED FADE)
      45cm Chambered - EMERALD
      45cm Chambered - SPOOPY FADE Bronze-Orange
      45cm Chambered - RAINBOW
      50cm Chambered - Caliburn
      50cm Chambered - (RED ANODIZED)
      50cm Chambered - EMERALD
      50cm Chambered - SPOOPY FADE Bronze-Orange
      50cm Chambered - RAINBOW
      60cm Chambered - Caliburn
      60cm Chambered - EMERALD
      60cm Chambered - SPOOPY FADE Bronze-Orange
      60cm Chambered - RAINBOW
      70cm Chambered - Caliburn
      70cm Chambered - EMERALD
      70cm Chambered - SPOOPY FADE Bronze-Orange
      70cm Chambered - RAINBOW

      Unchambered Barrels:

      22cm Unchambered - SLAB
      22cm Unchambered - EMERALD
      22cm Unchambered - SPOOPY FADE Bronze-Orange
      22cm Unchambered - RAINBOW
      30cm Unchambered - SLAB
      30cm Unchambered - EMERALD
      30cm Unchambered - SPOOPY FADE Bronze-Orange
      30cm Unchambered - RAINBOW
      40cm Unchambered - Lynx
      40cm Unchambered - (ORANGE ANODIZED)
      40cm Unchambered - (RED ANODIZED)
      40cm Unchambered - EMERALD
      40cm Unchambered - SPOOPY FADE Bronze-Orange
      40cm Unchambered - RAINBOW
      45cm Unchambered - Lynx
      45cm Unchambered - (ORANGE ANODIZED)
      45cm Unchambered - (RED ANODIZED)
      45cm Unchambered - (CYAN-PINK ANODIZED FADE)
      45cm Unchambered - EMERALD
      45cm Unchambered - SPOOPY FADE Bronze-Orange
      45cm Unchambered - RAINBOW
      47cm Unchambered - Lynx
      47cm Unchambered - EMERALD
      47cm Unchambered - SPOOPY FADE Bronze-Orange
      47cm Unchambered - RAINBOW
      50cm Unchambered - Lynx
      50cm Unchambered - (RED ANODIZED)
      50cm Unchambered - (CYAN-PINK ANODIZED FADE)
      50cm Unchambered - EMERALD
      50cm Unchambered - SPOOPY FADE Bronze-Orange
      50cm Unchambered - RAINBOW
      60cm Unchambered - Lynx
      60cm Unchambered - EMERALD
      60cm Unchambered - SPOOPY FADE Bronze-Orange
      60cm Unchambered - RAINBOW

      Specialty Barrels:

      15cm (10cm usable) - Gecko
      15cm (10cm usable) - (ORANGE ANODIZED)
      15cm (10cm usable) - (RED ANODIZED)
      15cm (10cm usable) - EMERALD
      15cm (10cm usable) - RAINBOW