The current lead time for blasters is roughly 4-6 weeks from the order date. If the 3D printed blaster you would like to order is currently out of stock, please be patient as we are also revamping and updating some existing blaster listings to reflect the most current versions, and they will be back soon.
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      *Currently Under Construction*

      Every screen will show colors differently if you have a question about a certain color please reach out.

      Baby Blue



      Bright White

      Carbon Fiber Black

      Cosmic Graphite

      Dark Cherry Red

      Gun Metal Grey

      Deep dark grey color

      Hot Pink

      Jet Black Extreme

      Light Grey

      Pastel Lilac

      Impact Modified White

      Identical to Bright White but has been modified to reduce brittleness and increased part strength

      Pine Green



      RepRap Green

      Royal Blue

      Starlight Grey


      Metallic - Bronze

      Metallic - Silver

      Metallic - True Gold

      Pearl - Blue

      Pearl - Candy Apple

      Pearl - Iridescent

      Pearl - Mysterious Abyss

      Silky - Aqua
      Silky - Electric Blue
      Silky - Orange Cream
      Silky - Lilac
      Silky - Perry Winkle
      Silky - Sea Green
      Silky - Sunset
      Translucent - Amethyst Violet Gemstone
      Translucent - Aqua
      Translucent - Clear
      Translucent - Emerald Green Gemstone
      Translucent - Galactic Blue
      Translucent - Gemstone Ruby Red
      Translucent - Golden Blood Diamond

      Translucent - Golden Violet Sparkle

      Translucent violet base with a special interference gold pearl flake that shimmers gold.

      Translucent - Pearly Peach
      Translucent - Rose Gold Metallic

      Translucent - Starry Night

      Looks opaque at first glance with a sparkle but as you look closure you will see light passing through it. Starry Night can appear midnight blue to a rich purple depending on the light.

      Translucent - Bright Orange
      Translucent - Neon Green
      Translucent - Neon Hot Pink
      Translucent - Neon Yellow
      Translucent - Sapphire Blue
      Translucent - Smoke Black
      Translucent - Tropical Sea Iridescent
      UV Reactive - Neon Green

      UV Reactive - Neon Orange

      This is the orange we use in every blaster as our safety orange.

      UV Reactive - Neon Yellow
      Prusament - Galaxy Black
      Prusament - Galaxy Purple
      Prusament - Gentleman's Grey

      Prusament - Mystic Brown

      "Is it brown or is it purple?" Depending on lighting you might see brown or purple.

      Prusament - Mystic Green

      Prusament - Opal Green

      Fillamentum - Baby Blue
      Fillamentum - Chocolate Brown
      Fillamentum - Cobalt Blue
      Fillamentum - Crystal Clear
      Fillamentum - Crystal Clear Iceland Blue
      Fillamentum - Crystal Clear Smaragd Green
      Fillamentum - Electric Grey
      Fillamentum - Everybody's Magenta
      Fillamentum - Gold Happens
      Fillamentum - Green Grass
      Fillamentum - Light Ivory
      Fillamentum - Lilac
      Fillamentum - Luminous Green
      Fillamentum - Luminous Orange
      Fillamentum - Luminous Yellow
      Fillamentum - Melon Yellow
      Fillamentum - Mint
      Fillamentum - Mukha
      Fillamentum - Noble Blue
      Fillamentum - Orange Orange
      Fillamentum - Pearl Night Blue
      Fillamentum - Pearl Ruby Red
      Fillamentum - Purple Red
      Fillamentum - Rapunzel Silver
      Fillamentum - Signal Red
      Fillamentum - Sky Blue
      Fillamentum - Traffic Purple
      Fillamentum - Traffic Yellow
      Fillamentum - Turquoise Blue
      Fillamentum - Turquoise Green
      Fillamentum - Vertigo Galaxy
      Fillamentum - Vertigo Grey
      Fillamentum - Vertigo Starlight
      Fillamentum - Wizard's Voodoo