SBF by GavinFuzzyCustoms

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The SBF by GavinFuzzyCustoms.

SBF stands for: SPAMF But Flywheel. However, at this point, the naming convention is just tradition. This blaster really doesn't have much, if anything, in common with the original SPAMF itself.

The SBF is GavinFuzzy's entry into the world of electronic blasters, and he really outdid himself. This blaster is Brushless, features a machined aluminum flywheel cage, machined POM flywheels and barrel, with custom PCBs that come pre-soldered. That's right. No soldering is required to assemble this blaster. Everything is just plug and play. The assembly process is also very fun. With Gavin's very detailed and easy to follow instructions, its as easy as building a Lego set or a Gunpla model which you get to actually go play with when its finished.

Check out the different renders to see what the various options look like!

Please note that if you want custom text, there are two areas available. Area 1 has a 30 character limit and Area 2 has a 13 character limit. Please see the last render image for where they are located.

Includes the Printed Parts and the Hardware/Electronics Kit required to build the blaster.

Please note that this is NOT your normal order process and is more like a pre-order. We will be reaching out to you via email to get your preference on cage color, so make sure that your email address is correct please! Cage colors are subject to what Gavin has at any given time. Once your cage color is confirmed, we then place the order with Gavin for the electronics and they are shipped to us to include in your kits.

PETG Printed Parts are available upon request for a small additional charge! Just select the option for Custom Color Scheme with the appropriate number of colors you are going to want and send us an email. We can work with you to get the colors you want. If you are curious what options are available, you can check out the websites for Atomic Filament, Fillamentum, Prusament and Proto-Pasta and look to see what PETG they have.


Requires a 4S LiPo battery which can be purchased along side the kit. If a battery is added to the kit, the entire order MUST be shipped GROUND. However, if you select priority, the blaster kit and battery may end up getting shipped separately.

Assembly Guide:

User Manual:

3D Printed objects can be susceptible to heat. Take care not to leave them in a hot vehicle or other such place where high temperature may be a concern, or the parts may warp over time.

SilverFoxIndustries is not responsible for injury or damage due to misuse or accidents. Always wear proper eye protection when using and never aim at the face.

3D Printed Blasters, Blaster Kits, and Blaster Accessories require basic use of tool knowledge for assembly and maintenance, and are not suitable for children under the age of 14.