SLAB - Silly's Lever Action Blaster

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The SLAB, or Silly's Lever Action Blaster is a magazine fed lever action spring powered blaster designed by Sillybutts.


Blaster is only compatible with Worker Talon Half Dart Magazines.

Sillybutts can be found on Discord (Sillybutts#5905), and his designs can be found on GitHub:

Specific files related to this blaster can be found here:

*Magazine is not included.

3D Printed objects can be susceptible to heat. Take care not to leave them in a hot vehicle or other such place where high temperature may be a concern, or the parts may warp over time.

If you are ordering a blaster internationally, it is highly recommended that you do not order a Fully Assembled Blaster. A built-it-yourself Blaster Kit is much less likely to get held up in customs.

SilverFoxIndustries is not responsible for injury or damage due to misuse or accidents. Always wear proper eye protection when using and never aim at the face.

3D Printed Blasters, Blaster Kits, and Blaster Accessories require basic use of tool knowledge for assembly and maintenance, and are not suitable for children under the age of 14.