Orion Blasters Lynx - Hardware Kit

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Hardware Kit for the Lynx, a bullpup half dart blaster designed by Dan at Orion Blasters. This kit includes all hardware necessary to combine with your own 3D printed parts to build a fully functional blaster! The blaster's public 3D files can be obtained from Orion Blasters.

Check out our build guide for the Lynx: https://youtu.be/ftjcMozaMzw

Spring FPS Guidelines:

The X-Springs are an experimental spring that's inspired by Longshot sized springs, but sized specifically for the Lynx by Orion Blasters. The spring OD is sized more appropriately for the plunger of the Lynx for less "crunching" of the spring when compressed. Sized to have a slight amount of pre-compression to reduce rattle and to assist with priming. Both ends are Closed and Ground.

SF-X1 is the most powerful and is the hardest to prime and it gets easier to prime as the number goes up. An SF-X3 gets you around 250 fps with a Kuryaka barrel and scar. An SF-X6 is around 210 fps with a Kuryaka barrel and scar. An SF-X8 is around 140 fps with a Kuryaka barrel and scar or 150 fps with standard 18" barrel. 

The SF25-TC is around 220 fps depending on your setup. 

A collective spring resource of different combos can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hPas43VyWBOiYnHx8bp594ZMZ9N_6B8k5P1X0qqEZB8/edit#gid=0

Plunger Head and Turnaround:

We recommend purchasing the plunger head and turnaround if this is your first Lynx build, haven't dialed in your printer settings, or don't want to print out multiples to get that nice seal. 

Please reach out if you have any questions, as we've been printing and building the Lynx since the original public release date!


Build Guide: