40MAX Air or Gas Powered Canister

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The 40MAX Pressurized Canister is a small air tank utilizing either pressurized air or green gas that the foam flinging community has adapted from the airsoft hobby for use with foam darts by way of 3D printed screw on shells. There are shells available for almost every dart type out there. 

-Capacity for a single shot of pressurized gas or air.
-Refill with Green Gas, or refill with Air from a motorized pump with the use of our custom adapters found here: 
-Rated for up to 300PSI, but we have found that 140PSI-150PSI is the sweet spot, at least with Air.
-Made from durable CNC Aluminum.
-For use in blasters such as the OFD Boopers or Ehdrien's Mayday MK2

NOTE: It is recommended that you use these at least a few times with Green Gas to get the silicone that is mixed in with the gas into the inner workings for smoother operation. You can purchase Green Gas at most stores that sell airsoft equipment.