The current lead time for blasters is roughly 4-6 weeks from the order date. If the 3D printed blaster you would like to order is currently out of stock, please be patient as we are also revamping and updating some existing blaster listings to reflect the most current versions, and they will be back soon.
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      The Caliburn 4 or "C4", is the latest iteration of the Caliburn designed by Captain Slug. This version utilizes all Flat-bar construction as opposed to the U-Channel or Threaded Rods of past versions. This cuts the weight compared to the U-Channel version while maintaining similar rigidity. The magwell also has a passive Talon Magazine Adapter secured with a pin that makes the blaster compatible with both full length darts with a normal Nerf N-Strike Magazine when the adapter is removed, and half length darts using a Talon Magazine with it installed.

      Magazines not included.

      PLEASE NOTE: Printed Parts Only does not include hardware of any kind. Please select the options for Just the Printed Parts for spring and barrel selections when ordering.

      Assembly Instructions:

      For custom color schemes, you can use this configurator from Captain Slug and paste the link in the Custom Color Description text field:

      Please note that we do not carry the same colors Captain Slug does, so you MUST tell us specifically which filaments we carry that you want to use when using the configurator.

      SilverFoxIndustries is an officially licensed seller.

      3D Printed objects can be susceptible to heat. Take care not to leave them in a hot vehicle or other such place where high temperature may be a concern, or the parts may warp over time.

      SilverFoxIndustries is not responsible for injury or damage due to misuse or accidents. Always wear proper eye protection when using and never aim at the face.

      3D Printed Blasters, Blaster Kits, and Blaster Accessories require basic use of tool knowledge for assembly and maintenance, and are not suitable for children under the age of 14.