D20 Desk Lamp - RGB with Remote

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Behold! What glows ominously on the desk in front of you is the physical manifestation of Fate itself! This icosahedron faintly adorned with powerful runes (twenty sided die) was spun from mystical threads (PLA Filament) that has willed itself into existence (3D printed)! This wonderous object rests upon a font of ever shifting light (RGB LED) enshrined within a vessel carved from the World Tree (probably not) itself (Birch wood) and draws upon the aether of the weave (USB powered) to bring luck to those who grasp it.

Come, and ponder all the various paths your fate may bring. Or, if you are not looking for something so... emotionally heavy, just relax and set it to your favorite color with the included remote so it can bring you a bit of joy. 

This D20 is printed in a translucent filament to allow the light to fill and highlight the inner structures, which almost make it look like it were made of some kind of crystal. The stand is wood with a PCB inside that plugs in to any USB port, or the optional wall plug (US) you can add. The D20 rests inside the black ring and can be removed or repositioned however you like.

The die can also technically be rolled, but I would suggest doing it on soft surfaces, as it is just plastic and could potentially get damaged by hard surfaces or damage nice surfaces. Please do not damage your DM's coffee table, its rude.

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