Daybreak Flywheels

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Daybreak flywheels were developed by Kuryaka for high FPS on a low-budget build. They'll work with printed cages and don't require extremely high-torque motors, squeezing out more efficiency from your builds.

Superstock (~150 FPS)? Meishel 2.0s. 41mm cage. ~150 FPS average with Accufakes.

Ultrastock (~200 FPS)? Run Fang Revampeds or torquier, 40mm cage. ~170 FPS with Accufakes.


The technical:

Root diameter: 31.5 mm
Outer Diameter: 38 mm
Weight: 7.1g
Material: Machined POM

The mild-crush, high concavity wheel design should be treated differently than other flywheels - the root diameter of 31.5 (vs. 33 on stock wheels and 34-35 on most aftermarket wheels) means that a smaller cage size is necessary.

A 41mm cage gives you a 9.5mm gap. lets you fire hard-tip darts without jamming or deforming the heads, while outperforming standard flywheels on much more unforgiving gaps.