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      Hardware and Electronics Kit for the Concept Pistol, by DevilZ' Nerfworks.


      1x Set of Assembly Screws (Various Colors Available)
      4x Motor Mounting Screws
      2x Switch Mounting Screws
      2x Slide Return Assist Springs
      1x FoamBlast Drum Spring (For Magazine)
      1x Microswitch
      1x DvZ Motor PCB with Connectors
      1x Pair FTW Merlin 3S Motors
      1x Pair FTW Micro Flywheels

      Files and instructions for the blaster are available from DevilZ' Nerfworks here: https://devilz-nerfworks.com/the-dvz-concept-pistol/

      As this is for an electronic blaster, you will need to know how to solder to utilize this kit.

      *Requires a 3S LiPo Battery with XT30 connector for use.