ExtraEdge by Thanhtacles

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In a world where you need every competitive advantage you can get, one man, sought to go beyond and step over the edge of destiny. No company has short dart magazines with adequate capacity, but Thanhtacles has the solution. Push the limits of your Worker Talon short dart magazines over the edge, with ExtraEdge and ExtraEdge6.

ExtraEdge increases the capacity of your Talon mags by 5, bringing the total to 20. ExtraEdge6 increases the capacity of your Talon mags by 6, bringing the total to 21.

Modification is quick and simple. Just use a small flat head screwdriver to depress the tabs of the bottom plate of the Talon magazine, and then pry it off. Make sure the spring and follower don't fall out of the body. Take your ExtraEdge and align it with the bottom of the body of the magazine, guide the spring into place, and push it into place over the bottom of the body. It may take some slight effort in order for it to click into place.

*Magazine not included.