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      Sets of Flatbars for the Beta release of the Minx by Orion Blasters. 

      This is for people that want to have fun and build a Beta Minx but was having trouble getting the bars produced. Its not an official release so its up to you to figure out any issues you are having with it. (That's part of the whole have fun with the building of this blaster.)

      Hardware Option does NOT include springs or barrels.
      Barrels: https://silverfoxindustries.shop/collections/barrels
      Springs: https://silverfoxindustries.shop/collections/springs

      2x Body Bars
      1x Transfer Bar
      1x Top Bar
      2x Pump Bars

      REQUIRES UPDATED FILES: https://www.printables.com/model/534978-orion-blasters-minx-beta-updated-files