FoamBlast Fang Re-VAMPed Motor (2S)

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This listing is for the new Fang Re-VAMPed motors from FoamBlast! They are meant to replace existing motors in electronic Nerf Blasters. These are 130 sized motors featuring sintered neodymium magnets for maximum efficiency and ball bearings for quieter operation and longer life span, and are designed to run on 2S LiPo (7.4v), and require high gauge wiring. These motors deliver the same FPS as the original Fangs and can power through high crush setups even with full auto. However, with the smaller 130 size and lower current draw, you no longer need to worry about using a MOSFET or cut your blaster's shell. These are intended for use on 2S, but if run on 3S they are optimized for use in the Eclipse system (though they are not warrantied for use on 3S).

*Please do not use with IMRs or Trustfire/Ultrafire/etc. batteries.

*Price is per motor.

*SilverFoxIndustries will not be held responsible for any damage sustained to your blaster if you break it while attempting to modify it. So please, proceed with caution.

*Blaster is not included.

**SilverFoxIndustries has no affiliation with Hasbro, Nerf or any of their respective affiliates.