The Holidays will be upon us sooner than you realize. We are working on reducing lead times, but the global pandemic is not helping. If you want something in time for gifting, we suggest placing your order as soon as possible! Current lead times on blasters is roughly 5 weeks.
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      We are proud to be able to offer you the SPAMF by GavinFuzzyCustoms!

      We are offering this kit in 2 different versions:

      -Build It Yourself Kit

      -Fully Assembled Kit + Blaster


      Primary Color: Body, Magwell, and Barrel
      Secondary Color: Trigger, Mag Release, and Internal Parts


      For safety and for compliance with US laws, the tip of the barrel will always be printed in Orange. If you do not want this, please include a note with your order.


      *The Build It Yourself Kit does not include the blaster.

      **The fully assembled version will be limited in stock in accordance to the amount of Falconfires we have available.

      ***Our version of the kit and assembled blaster will include a .509" ID aluminum barrel instead of the poly-carbonate that GavinFuzzy uses.


      Description from GavinFuzzy:

      The SPAMF kit converts the Accustrike Falconfire into a magazine-fed blaster for half-length darts.
      The perfect companion sidearm to any short-dart based primary.

      SPAMF is compatible with both Talon and Katana magazines.

      The kit features a sealed pusher breech system, achieving over 85 FPS* with the stock spring and the kit installed
      (*Varies depending on dart type, Falconfire will accept Retaliator-sized springs for further modding)

      The SPAMF kit is a drop-in kit, with no cutting or gluing required to the Falconfire.

      Kit includes:
      - Body
      - Breech + Barrel
      - Trigger
      - Spring Spacer

      Required parts:
      - Accustrike Falconfire blaster
      - Katana / Talon Magazine
      - Half-length darts

      Kit will NOT work with original nerf elite-size darts or original nerf magazine.
      Recommended spring load : up to 10kg.