LazeBert Tag

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A FOX-UP Blaster is a blaster built from prints that either did not meet our standards to be included with the order they were initially printed for, or were accidentally printed in the wrong color.

LazeBert Tag is a Fully Assembled and tested Lynx built from an assortment of crystal clear, iceland blue, translucent neon green and black filaments. This blaster features a (Non-Adjustable, 70 degree) Worker Strung Scar  It is powered by our own SF25-TC spring, and it was hitting somewhere between 215-230 FPS when we chronographed it. 


This blaster was built by our good friend, Brett, who sometimes wears a Beret. Featured in his video here:

If you would like to send Brett a tip for his hard work, we've added an option to do so! Just select the amount you wish to tip him and it will be added to the total.