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      Replacement/Upgraded Plunger Assembly bits for the Lynx by Orion Blasters. These are printed in a super tough Polycarbonate Blend Filament. Geared towards blasters using higher powered springs or people who are worried about durability.

      1x Trigger
      1x Sear
      1x Catch1
      1x Catch3
      1x Plunger Head
      1x Plunger Spacer
      1x Ram

      Color choice of either Natural (Uncolored) or Orange.


      Does not include any hardware.

      *Please note that due to the release agent required in order to print with this filament, there may be some unavoidable markings on the surface that touches the print bed. These can be lightly sanded off if desired, but they do not affect function and is something to be aware of. Most of these surfaces are never seen once installed, but some pieces, like the Trigger and Catch1, have surfaces that are readily visible.