Mayday MK2 by Ehdrien

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The Mayday MK2. A blaster designed by Ehdrien specifically for all your 40MAX Shells. Pull the hammer to release the break action barrel, load your pressurized 40MAX Shell into it like a flaregun, and close the barrel. Pulling the trigger actuates an arm inside that hits the button on the back of the 40MAX Canister to release the pressurized air and fire whatever type of dart or darts you happen to have loaded!


Takes mostly all of the standard sized screw on 40MAX printed shells others have designed as long as the outer diameter doesn't exceed that of the Canister itself.


ATTENTION: This blaster does not fire darts on its own and only functions with the use of 40MAX Pressurized Canisters with screw on Dart Adapter Shells. If you need some of either, find them on our shop here:

40MAX Canisters:
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