Nerf Rival Perses Foregrip

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This is a foregrip for the Nerf Rival Perses. The grip extends up past the bottom lip of the front of the blaster and it is at the same angle and about 3/4 the length of the battery tray section, so it provides plenty of room for your hand and feels quite comfortable and natural to hold. I designed it to assemble in three pieces, two smaller "core" pieces that clamp over the Nerf Rival rail on the front of the blaster, and the grip itself, which just slides over the core. I wanted this thing to be rock solid, which means the tolerances are quite tight and it may require a little bit of effort to get the grip in place, however this means it will not wiggle around at all. Once in place, insert the 2 screws through one side (does not matter which) and place the 2 hex nuts in the other side. Use a philips screwdriver to thread the screws into the nuts. Do not overtighten.

*Printed to order.

*Includes the 2 1 3/4" 10-32 screws and 2 10-32 hex nuts required for assembly.