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      This listing is for the Out of Darts Valkyrie motors by FoamBlast.

      Description from FoamBlast:

      Valkyrie is a value oriented 130 sized motor produced by FoamBlast for Out of Darts.  It is ideal for low to mid crush applications.  We do not recommend more crush than 42.5-43mm for most flywheel types, as the motors might have decreased performance under high crush. Great for superstock, HvZ events, beginners, and loaner blasters!  Our main focus when developing these motors was on reliability, and we feel these are the most reliable 3S motors on the market.


      35000 RPM
      410 G CM Stall Torque
      14 Amp Stall Current
      Ideal Voltage 11.1 Volts

      *Please do not use with IMRs or Trustfire/Ultrafire/etc. batteries.

      *Price is per motor.

      *SilverFoxIndustries will not be held responsible for any damage sustained to your blaster if you break it while attempting to modify it. So please, proceed with caution.

      *Blaster is not included.

      **SilverFoxIndustries has no affiliation with Hasbro, Nerf or any of their respective affiliates.