Original SLURPEE Scar Barrel Handcrafted by Thanh

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We are proud to be able to offer the ever popular SLURPEE Scar! Personally crafted by the Scar Barrel Master himself, Thanh! Each SLURPEE Scar is painstakingly handcrafted with genuine SLURPEE Straws. Thanh is widely considered as the authority on scar barrels for competitive play by the community. These scar barrels not only look fantastic, but they perform spectacularly. There is a reason they are so popular in the competitive scene. The Scar Barrels with the SLURPEE logo are more limited and rare due to each straw only having the single logo, which is why they are more expensive, however both versions work identically. As these are all made in small batches and are made by hand, when they are out of stock they will take a little while to restock.