Pulsar Flywheels

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Pulsars are a new flywheel designed by Kuryaka, designed to push the limits of mini-size flywheel blasters. Sold as a pair.

This was inspired by work done with high-concavity Hurricane size wheels and general grooved flywheels. With a 2 stage setup, Kuryaka has seen 200-210 FPS averages using Adventure Force Pro darts compared to 165-175 averages with serrated Hurricanes on the same 32.5mm cage.

30.4mm OD and 25.4mm root means that they're a bit larger than serrated Hurricanes and require new cages. You will find current available cages as additional listings on Etsy and here for download: https://github.com/Kuryaka/Pulsar-Cage-Library

For 2 stage use, Kuryaka has tested the following motor setups, from most to least recommended:

3S Krakens into Merlins
2S Merlins (10% FPS drop but otherwise safe)
3S Fang Revampeds (Overvolted, no warranty)
3S Merlins (Shreds darts)

1 stage optimization is pending. Preliminary data is ~150 FPS average on full lengths using sufficiently fast motors (2S Merlins, 3S HBs)

For people interested in test data, check it out here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Pb7q7vAWlJqhWhGaP-2MdcaIdrrxPveC/view?usp=sharing