Red Herring - Hardware Kit

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The Red Herring is an open source high performance blaster by Charamile Designs (Taffy). This listing is for the hardware required to build one. No printed parts are included.

The Red Herring is a pint-sized Talon-fed bullpup powerhouse hitting 220+ FPS, all while being operated entirely with one hand. Can be gutted and reassembled without any tools in about 12 seconds.

Have you ever wanted to snipe with one hand?

It's a Talon-fed spring blaster that is designed for one-handed use. Despite being about half the size of a Talon Claw, this thing has enough punch to make the cross-field shots that Hammershots can only dream of. It was designed from the ground up to be a safer, simpler, lighter, cheaper, and more efficient alternative to the Captain Slug Piranha 2m.

Wanna run a shield or sword while sniping to become an unstoppable being of pure chaos?
How about carrying Carpe balls while picking off anyone in your way from a distance?
Feel like making a flag push and surprising your opponents by returning fire with a springer as you run?
Need something a little different than a Hammershot at your next HvZ game? It can even breech-load!

Red Herring is the mix-up blaster that you've been waiting for.

This blaster is designed with a spring loaded latch at the front that allows the barrel to be detached with a click and a twist, after which the entire plunger assembly can be dumped out the front for cleaning and spring swaps. Reassembly takes less than 20 seconds.

3D File:

Instructions to be released at a later date.

Special thanks to Orion Blasters for open-sourcing the Lynx catch system.
Special thanks to Thanhtacles for allowing me to use the Trivictus tension chords to retain the spring guide tube.