Rival Vision T-Pull

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An in house designed T-Pull for the new "Accu-Rival" Vision. This is a drop in replacement for the existing square loop priming mechanism, and is much more comfortable to use.

Printed in Carbon Fiber Polycarbonate Blend filament, it should be durable enough for even an upgraded spring, though this new blaster is plenty powerful in its stock form in my opinion. Can also be printed in Orange Polycarbonate Blend upon request!

Requires disassembly of the blaster in order to install, so make sure you remember where all the different sized screws in the shell go! Also, getting this blaster back together can be a little tricky, so I would also make sure you are extra mindful of how internal components should be positioned for reassembly. Do yourself a favor and take photos.

Printed to order.

*SilverFoxIndustries will not be held responsible for any damage sustained to your blaster if you break it while attempting to modify it. So please, proceed with caution.

**Blaster is not included.

***SilverFoxIndustries has no affiliation with Hasbro, Nerf or any of their respective affiliates.