Set of Mini D4 for 5E Healing Potion Props

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A set of 24 of our Mini D4 dice. Enough to complete an entire set of Healing Potions using your own bottles or vials, compatible with 5th Edition. These dice are quite small, measuring just under 10mm tall when sitting flat (roughly 12mm point to point). The second photo compares our mini D4 to a standard sized D4.

The number of dice needed for each potion depends on the type being made (highlighted in bold below).

Potion of Healing - 2D4 (+2)
Potion of Greater Healing - 4D4 (+4)
Potion of Superior Healing - 8D4 (+8)
Potion of Supreme Healing - 10D4 (+20)

To calculate how much health is regained during gameplay, roll the number of dice in the selected potion and add the number in parenthesis.