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      An experimental spring that is a step down from the SF-X3 that's inspired by Longshot sized springs, but sized specifically for the Lynx by Orion Blasters. The spring OD is sized more appropriately for the plunger of the Lynx for less "crunching" of the spring when compressed. Sized to have a slight amount of pre-compression to reduce rattle and to assist with priming. Both ends are Closed and Ground.

      Initial testing was done on a hot day (90 F with 55% humidity) with using lightly used Adventure Force Tactical Strike Half-Length Pros (The black foam orange tipped ones from Walmart).

      Barrel Type Mean (FPS)  Standard Deviation
      Standard 18" 204.38 32.21
      Kuryaka 40cm with Worker Scar 219.75 23.66
      Homemade 45cm Brass Barrel 251.56 3.44


      *Modifying name brand blasters and 3d printed blasters by installing excessively powerful springs can introduce additional strain and increase wear on the parts which can cause them to fail. By purchasing this product, you agree to accepting this inherent risk.

      **SilverFoxIndustries is not liable for any damage or injuries to people or property resulting from the modification or use of modified blasters.