SFI Prototype Performance Barrel - 12.75mm ID

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6/20 - Prototypes 02 outer diameter has been fixed and the anodizing is significantly better.


Featuring an inner diameter of 12.75mm, these test barrels we had made with a tighter inner diameter than the standard "tight" barrels seem to provide a more consistent experience even with slightly used darts.

We only have a LIMITED FEW of each of these prototypes, so get them while you can!

Laser engraved on one end.

These Prototypes have a slightly larger outer diameter than the normal 16mm, so some SCARs/BCARs may not fit on them. This is getting fixed in the production run.

Please note: Due to the tighter inner diameter, these barrels are not going to be compatible with blasters that use dart rams that enter the barrel deeply, such as the Caliburn or Cynthia.