Super SPAMF Pump Action Blaster Kit by OldFusionDesigns

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Presenting the Super SPAMF Pump Action Blaster Kit for the SPAMF from GavinFuzzy Customs and OldFusionDesigns! 

"Super SPAMF Full Kit" is for people who only have the Falconfire base blaster and need all the parts.
1x GavinFuzzy SPAMF Kit (With modified breech and Front Barrel parts)
1x GavinFuzzy SPAMF Hardware
1x Top Slide
1x Set of Priming Arms
1x Modified SPAMF Breech
1x Choice of Foregrip
1x Choice of Barrel Tip
1x Rear Iron Sights
1x Set of Toy Screws

"Fully Assembled Super SPAMF" also includes the base Falconfire blaster and is fully assembled and tested by us!

Primary Color: Main SPAMF Body parts, and Grip Replacement (if selected as an add-on).
Secondary Color: Super SPAMF Top Slide, Foregrip, and Rear Sights.
Tertiary Color: SPAMF Internal parts, Priming Arms, and under barrel Rail.

Will also include small length of raw filament in the Tertiary Color (to be glued in to the Iron Sights by the customer if a kit is selected).

*Barrel Tips will only be printed in Neon Orange.


3D Printed objects can be susceptible to heat. Take care not to leave them in a hot vehicle or other such place where high temperature may be a concern, or the parts may warp over time.

SilverFoxIndustries is not responsible for injury or damage due to misuse or accidents. Always wear proper eye protection when using and never aim at the face.

3D Printed Blasters, Blaster Kits, and Blaster Accessories require basic use of tool knowledge for assembly and maintenance, and are not suitable for children under the age of 14.