The current lead time for blasters is roughly 4-6 weeks from the order date. If the 3D printed blaster you would like to order is currently out of stock, please be patient as we are also revamping and updating some existing blaster listings to reflect the most current versions, and they will be back soon.
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      A FOX-UP Blaster is a blaster built from prints that either did not meet our standards to be included with the order they were initially printed for, or were accidentally printed in the wrong color.

      This Fox Up we are calling "King Sands" is a Fully Assembled and tested gecko built from an assortment gold happens (fillamentum), ivory (fillamentum), gunmetal grey, light grey translucent smoky black, and black filaments. This blaster features brass inserts pre-installed, an OutofDarts 9kg Retaliator Spring, and a 10cm .509" ID barrel.