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      "War Ready" Blasters are blasters that we have specially built and are ready to ship!

      This is a SPAMF (by GavinFuzzy Customs) with a Super SPAMF Add-on Kit and Replacement Grip (both by Old Fusion Designs). This blaster also features a tighter 13mm inner diameter barrel from Kuryaka with a special machined chamber for the o-ring pusher to fit into. The main body and replacement grip are printed in Prusament Galaxy Purple, with internals printed in Atomic Filament Starlight Grey. The Super SPAMF kit is printed in Atomic Filament Translucent Neon Yellow and Fillamentum Vertigo Grey. The Translucent Neon Yellow matches very nicely with the Worker Talon magazine in the same color, which is why we are including one with this blaster.


      Comes with:

      1x Falconfire Blaster with the following:
      -SPAMF Kit
      -Super SPAMF Kit
      -Replacement Grip
      -Kuryaka 13mm machined barrel.

      1x Translucent Neon Yellow Worker Talon Magazine