Lynx by Orion Blasters

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Please Note: Our Printed Parts are ONLY compatible with Imperial (US Standard) Hardware Kits. They are not compatible with Metric Hardware Kits.

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Check out our build guide for the Lynx:

The Lynx is a Bullpup Mag-Fed Pump-Action Homemade Blaster for half length darts. The design was released as an Open Source Non-Commercial license file set by Orion Blasters. It features closed bolt mag swaps, slam-fire, is compatible with all longshot and talon claw springs, and can be completely disassembled without tools. Optional Thumb Magazine Release also available.

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Check out the assembly guide by Dan at Orion Blasters:

15.5" Barrel Option requires a barrel attachment such as a Worker Scar Barrel attachment (shown in first render but is not included), Slurpee Scar, or similar dimensioned barrel attachment as the barrel is not long enough to clear the muzzle by itself.

18" Barrel Option is for use by itself, or with the optional printed scar designed by Thanh (modified to fit this blaster by SilverFoxIndustries).

While priming the blaster is possible without a foregrip attachment, it is highly recommended one is used. Suggested options are: Worker foregrips, Captain Slug's foregrips, or your favorite vertical foregrip compatible with picatinny rail.

Since this blaster is compatible with springs sized for Talon Claws, this means it is fully compatible with our SF25-TC springs!

*The Lynx is ONLY compatible with Talon Magazines and Magazines that share the same geometry.

**Note that for ease of shipping reasons, Fully Assembled Blaster orders may be assembled, tested, and then taken down partially to be packed for shipping. They may require some minor reassembly once received.

***Magazine and Worker Scar in renders are not included.

SilverFoxIndustries is licensed to sell this blaster and its parts by Orion Blasters.

3D Printed objects can be susceptible to heat. Take care not to leave them in a hot vehicle or other such place where high temperature may be a concern, or the parts may warp over time.

SilverFoxIndustries is not responsible for injury or damage due to misuse or accidents. Always wear proper eye protection when using and never aim at the face.

3D Printed Blasters, Blaster Kits, and Blaster Accessories require basic use of tool knowledge for assembly and maintenance, and are not suitable for children under the age of 14.


Build Guide: